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A new and exciting development project, 1000 Museum is a luxury residential tower by renowned architect Zaha Hadid. One Thousand Museum will soon rise in downtown Miami and is slated to bring a fresher and more daring change in the city’s architectural landscape. With futuristic layout, One Thousand Museum is sure to bring more than just comfort and luxury but style as well. The high-rise tower features a unique exoskeleton that will double as a support from base to top. Each balcony will be treated with breathtaking oceanfront views elegantly placed in the deep recesses of the structure. One Thousand Museum promises to impress denizens with its never-before-seen architectural design that will definitely draw some much deserved excitement.

The amenities One Thousand Museum will provide are unparalleled. The top level of the building houses a helipad with indoor pool and fully-equipped amenity deck just a level below. Fitness centers and spa with state-of-the-art facilities will also be offered to all residents as well as well-fitted entertainment and business rooms. Not only will One Thousand Museum accentuate its unique design on the exterior but inside as well. In the podium amenity deck, visitors will be greeted with eye-catching sculptural architecture. Landscaping and water features will also provide all residents of One Thousand Museum with never-ending source of delight and relaxing milieu. Environed with the high-rise tower’s outstanding design, residents and guests will be treated with nothing less than geometric beauty consistent with Zaha Hadid’s vision for One Thousand Museum.



From its outstanding exterior design to its superb interiors, One Thousand Museum promises a residential package that will not only provide the daily comforts each residents require but also lasting awe-inspiring sights. From the helipad to the amenity deck, One Thousand Museum is poised to be a one-of-a-kind high-rise luxury gem.


Residential Features

  • 8 full floor units under 10,000 square feet

  • 70 half-floor units from 4,500 to 4,800 square feet

  • 4 Duplex half floor residences which are approximately 8,000 square feet

  • 2-story Single Duplex Penthouse with private indoor pool

  • Spacious balconies


Tower Amenities

  • Expansive service rooms

  • Pool and amenity deck

  • Fitness and spa areas with state-of-the-art equipment

  • Landscaping and water features

  • Dedicated zones for outdoor dining, exercise and sunbathing

  • Event space and pre-function rooms with private dining sit



Floor Plans



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